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The Slimming Bundle preview

The Slimming Bundle Butchers Favourite

Introduced in January 2016, this pack proves very popular with those who attend slimming groups. The pack consists of 3 Chicken Fillets, 3 Diced Chicken Fillets, 1lb Extra Lean Mince (Less than 5% fat) and 12 Slimming Sausages (less than 5% fat). All these for items are available for just £12, saving you £4 on full shop price. If you have room in the freezer then why not buy more slimmer bundles x2/x3/x4/x5 options available and make even more of a saving!

Deal 1 = £16.99                Deal 2 = £29.99

Deal 3 = £41.99             Deal 4 = £52.99

Should you wish to swap any items or have both lots of chicken whole/diced then please state in the box below.

£16.99 /x1