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Welcome to Kevin & Son Butchers, Firstly Thank You for taking your time out to view our Website. Kevin & Son Butchers was Established back in May 1987 by Kevin himself, having learned the trade when leaving school in 1975, with just over 10 years’ experience Kevin took the plunge in becoming self-employed and opening his own traditional butchers. Kevin’s Son Tom came into the business in 2006 and is now the business owner following Kevin’s Retirement in 2015.

Here at Kevin’s we have the motto ‘Buy the Best We Do’, we strongly believe in you get what you pay for. We source all of our meats from local farms wherever possible, and believe this reflects in its quality when it’s on the plate.

Since taking over the business in April 2015 Tom has introduced several new ideas into the business to try bring it back into the modern day. A card machine has been introduced with Contactless payments, Home delivery service is available, A new loyalty scheme and most of all Social Media. A Facebook Business Page was created and currently has over 7,500 Facebook Likes. Also in February 2018 Kevins underwent a huge refurb, the shop has completely changed its look, with Brand new layout and colour scheme.

Currently our best selling products are from our Slimming Range, with a variety of over 20 products all made with Less than 5% fat meats, we now have a huge demand for our produce.

Tom Wardman

Kevin & Son Butchers

Latest Updates

16th January, 2019

⭐️💥⭐️WE HAVE SOME FAB NEWS💥⭐️💥 We have spent the last few days doing some research and verifying our findings and we can now reveal we have all the Points for our slimming products for those doing WW 🤗 Please find the full list below, these will be added to our poster when we get new ones printed very soon!! Feel free to tag your friends that do this diet plan to let them know! 3 Chicken Fillets or Diced - Free 1lb Extra Lean Mince Beef - 11 pts 1lb Stewing or Braised Steak - 8 pts 1lb Slimming Pork Sausage - 4 saus = 3 pts 1lb Slimming Tomato Saus - 4 Saus = 3 pts 1lb Speciality Sausage - 2 Sausage = 3 Pts 4 x Beef Burgers - 2.5 pts each Speciality Burgers - All 3 pts each Slimming Scotch Eggs - 3 pts Slimming Pork Pie Meats - 3 pts Slimming Beef Meatballs - 4 balls = 5 pts Extra Lean Kofta Kebabs - 3 pts each Slimming Beef Truffles - 7 pts each Slimming Kiev Bombs - 4 pts each Tender Beef Strips - 8 pts

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