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Loyalty Scheme

Introduced in April 2015, Kevin’s  Loyalty Scheme has proven a very popular idea amongst all of our customers.

How it works :-

Spend £20 in one transaction to be eligible to begin a loyalty card and earn your first stamp, every new card started will be given a bonus stamp to give you a head start. The loyalty card is then dated 4 months from the date it begins.

Within that 4 months you’ve to simply fill the 8 remaining spaces by spending £20 at a time. If your transaction is £40 you would be eligible for 2 stamps

Once your card is complete you get to spin the ‘Wheel of Meat Fortune’ on here you could win a variety of different prizes, could it be the top prize of a £10 meat voucher or £8 Beef Roasting Joint, or will you walk away with 1lb of Kevin’s Pork Sausages?

You’ve gotta be in it to win it, please ask us on your next visit if you wish to begin your loyalty card with us.