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Tom’s Meat Treat preview

Tom’s Meat Treat

This Meat Bundle has become a very popular one with our customers at Kevin’s. Only launched in January 2016. How it works…. Simply Choose 1 item from each section on the board, eg you could choose 12 x Thin Sausages, 4 x Beef Burgers, 1 + 1/2 Gammon Rashers, 3 Chicken Fillets, 1lb Extra Lean Mince, A large Chicken, 2 x 8oz Sirloin Steaks.. All of the following would cost you £28.99!

**In the Roasting Joint section if you opt for the £5 off on Beef/Pork/Lamb please specify in the additional comments box how much you want to roughly pay for your joint, then the difference will then be added to the pack price, Eg if you chose a Beef Joint around £12 in money, £5 is knocked off and the additional £7 will be added to your purchase making it £35.99